This site will be a clickbait-free guide to fixing things. We aim to do this with clear authoritive lucid instructions and pictures as well as carefully selected links to useful information. This will be based on 40 years experience of learning different skills, working in different trades and a good knowledge of which kind of guides are most useful.

Traps for young players

  • Do not over tighten a cast iron vice - they break. Thats why they make steel ones
  • Foil insulation conducts live electricity. This can happen when someone staples thru it into a live wire or when a rat chews thru the insulation around an electrical wire and later it contacts the foil. I always test and just in case clamp the foil to a good earth. When your working you could push the foil against a live wire making foil that was previously not electrically live very dangerous. Rather than reading about the four dead Australian electricians test then make your foil safe.